Boiled egg BLT sandwiches



6 Small Hard Boiled Eggs

2 teaspoons Mustard, see note 1

6 Strips Bacon, cooked, see note 2

2 Tomatoes, sliced, see note 3

3 Baby Romaine Lettuce, see note 4

Salt & Black Pepper to taste


Mustard can be substituted with mayo, horseradish or ketchup.


Bacon – use any bacon you like. You can buy ready-cooked or cook it yourself. You might also need less then 6 strips/slices if you cut each of them in 3 pieces instead of 2 (this will depend on their length tough).

Tomatoes – I used tomatoes on vine that were smaller that your ordinary tomatoes but larger than cherry tomatoes. These were perfect for this recipe. Try avoiding using very large tomatoes. Plum tomatoes are also a great choice!

Romaine lettuce can be substituted with other lettuce variety.

These egg sliders can be prepared a few hours ahead of time. I recommend 2-4 hours max. I don’t recommend preparing them overnight as the lettuce wilts and the tomatoes also don’t look their best. However, you can cook the eggs and bacon the night before serving.

I prefer using small-medium size eggs. Large eggs might be more difficult to eat. If this does not concern you, then go ahead and use large eggs.