Deconstructed cabbage rolls


Deconstructed Cabbage Roll Skillet
Serves 4-6

Ingredient :

2 Tblsp olive oil
1 onion, diced
1 lb ground beef or other ground meat
1 Tblsp minced garlic
1 Tblsp Worchestershire Sauce
1 cup uncooked rice
2 cans Rotel, undrained
2 cans V-8 juice, tomato juice, or a can of tomato paste + water (total liquid should be about 2 1/2 cups)
1 head cabbage, chopped or shredded
1 Tblsp Italian seasoning blend
Salt and fresh black pepper to taste

Direction :


Heat a large skillet, dutch oven or wok (you want plenty of room for mixing), add olive oil, and onion, and cook until soft and browned. Add minced garlic, and cook until fragrant (just a minute or so), the add ground meat and Worchestershire, and cook through.

When cooked, drain some of the grease if necessary, and add uncooked rice, mixing with cooked meat to incorporate.

Add chopped cabbage, mixing to blend.

Add seasonings and canned tomatoes and tomato juice (if you prefer use tomato paste and water instead), and mix.

Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for about a half hour. Check to make sure cabbage is soft and rice is cooked, and adjust seasonings as needed (I notice this recipe tends to ‘eat’ seasoning, so often need to add more near the end). If it needs a bit more liquid, just add some and let it cook a few more minutes – if it is too liquidy, cook uncovered until it reduces down.

It is extremely forgiving of adjustments and extra cooking / warming time. Perfect for a busy family!

Finally, if you like, top with some cheese to serve (we used some cheddar we shredded because it was there – but mozzerella, or Swiss, or a good sprinkle of Parmesan would also be nice with this).

Comfort in a bowl – it’s what’s for dinner!